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Reorganisations: mergers / demergers / transformations

What we do

1. Holding structures: creation/reorganisation
  • We establish strategic business objectives with the owners.
  • We analyse the legal possibilities and tax-economic efficiency of domestic and foreign  solutions at hand.
  • We develop bespoke concepts for the reorganisation of holding structures and we are comprehensively responsible for all legal aspects of these processes.
  • We establish companies both in Poland and in other jurisdictions.
  • We use family foundations, investment funds and other available legal instruments as tools in reorganisations.
2. Mergers / divisions / transformations
3. Business transactions
4. Due diligence of the Client's structure

How we work

Having more than 30 years of experience under the belt, we are well aware how volatile the law is, how many new regulatory obligations are imposed each year and how unstable tax law may be at times. Navigating the dire straits of investment processes requires constant monitoring of the holding structures and effective adaptation to the ever-changing reality. Hence, our team of Legal Experts keeps abreast of ongoing legal changes and on the go amends the proposed solutions to adapt our Clients’ holding structures to their needs and to the current legal and tax situation. We cooperate on an ongoing basis with legal professionals from jurisdictions typical of holding structures (Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, the UK, Cyprus), and consequently we are able to keep up with the latest changes in the law in these jurisdictions. From the available solutions, we help to select those tools that best suit the client’s objectives and then comprehensively implement them in cooperation with the client’s internal services and, in the case of cross-border transactions, hand in hand with legal professionals from other jurisdictions.

Professional experience

We have experience from carrying out several hundred cross-border and domestic mergers, demergers and transformations of companies to which we have provided not only full corporate services but also tax and accounting expertise. We have participated in mergers of banks and public companies. We have also conducted entity transformation processes for sole proprietors.