Management of family wealth / succession | Kancelaria Oleś Rysz Sarkowicz

Management of family wealth / succession

What we do

1. Succession planning / intergenerational transfer
  • We set individualised business objectives and create succession plans with our Clients.
  • We analyse the legal possibilities and the tax-economic efficiency of the solutions at hand.
  • We carry out detailed due diligence (legal and/or tax) on current business ventures in order to identify organisational and legal risks for succession processes and we prepare bespoke, tailor-made succession plans.
  • We develop concepts to reorganise asset structures in order to seamlessly implement the chosen intergenerational wealth transfer model.
  • We carry out reorganisations of holding structures using the selected succession model, including both domestic and foreign assets (with particular emphasis on assets located in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Malta and Cyprus).
2. Family foundations
3. Relationship with asset managers
4. Financial flows to clients (business owners, beneficiaries of family foundations)
5. Inheritance, donations, family law

How we act / how we work

The key to our success is ongoing contact with the Client and our ability to identify the Client’s holistic wealth management needs. Our consultancy begins with a confidential discussion concerning the Client’s needs and customised, personal goals. Once an initial direction has been taken, we thoroughly audit the family assets and make specific recommendations for further action.  The comprehensiveness of the service we provide is clearly demonstrated by the proposed bespoke solutions which account for intertwining tax, business and inheritance laws and precisely identify the needs of the Client and their Family.

Professional experience

We are proud that the most prominent Polish entrepreneurs, who regularly top the rankings of the most affluent people in Poland, have been entrusting the running of their businesses to the Law Firm. The Law Firm has been supporting owners in their strategic management decisions concerning their companies and liquid assets. We assist with shaping investment structures, by creating family foundations and/or holding structures and assisting in prudent corporate governance and control of funds held in bank or brokerage accounts. We advise on intergenerational transfers, in particular by building appropriate legal structures in Poland and abroad, and by determining the manner of transferring both the economic value attributable to individual Family Members and determining long-term business decision-making principles. We incorporate Polish family foundations on behalf of the Founders and act as trustees for family assets as well as executors of wills. We maintain and facilitate access to investment and private banks, asset managers and multi-family office entities in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the US and the UK. We assist in the selection of financial advisers and bankers tailored to the customised needs of the Clients and their Families.