Corporate and commercial disputes | Kancelaria Oleś Rysz Sarkowicz

Corporate and commercial disputes

What we do

1. Corporate disputes
  • We set strategic objectives and devise effective action plans.
  • We conduct pre-court negotiations.
  • We represent shareholders at shareholders’ meetings.
  • We challenge resolutions of shareholders’ meetings.
  • We defend companies when minority shareholders challenge resolutions.
  • We negotiate between shareholders.
  • We support clients in proceedings for the grant of security.
2. Disputes between partners
3. Arbitration
4. Disputes with former members of management and supervisory boards
5. Disputes from business contracts

How we act / how we work

The starting point for us in business disputes is to fully identify the circumstances of a dispute. When preparing to handle a commercial dispute, we learn about the specifics of the conflict and the business circumstances. We then develop a preliminary estimate of the likelihood of a favourable outcome of the dispute, as well as assess possible alternative ways of resolving the dispute out of court.

In the course of preparing the strategy, we are well aware that, regardless of the legal aspects, it is crucial to build a narrative that demonstrates the validity of our client’s reasons. This is enabled by our excellent sense of business interactions and extensive economic and financial knowledge. We always build our business litigation strategy based on the fundamental principles of business law.

Professional experience

The commercial proceedings and arbitration disputes that we handle relate overwhelmingly to corporate disputes. The cases we have handled so far included disputes over the expulsion of a shareholder from the company, the dismissal of a member of the company’s management board, disputes over the determination of the status of a shareholder, the provision of company information to a shareholder, and also the validity of concluded contracts, breaches of fair competition rules and disputes over payment under business contracts. We have been successful in arbitration proceedings in recent years, both in the course of arbitration proceedings and in cases for the annulment of arbitral awards before the common courts and the Supreme Court.