Representation of Issuers upon conclusion of agreements with brokerage house (investment bank), financial advisor, certified auditor, PR advisor

Participation in the preparation of a comprehensive schedule of transaction

Preparation of guidelines for public communication during the execution of transaction of the first public offering (“IPO”)

Execution of due diligence for purposes of transaction and defining of the key matters (“red flags”)

Preparation of the legal part of the prospectus or informative memorandum

Preparation of the legal documentation of the issuance of the bonds

Maintaining “master copy” of prospectus (memorandum) and monitoring completeness of prospectus (memorandum) with respect to formal and legal aspects

Representation of Issuers at negotiation of sub-issuance agreement

Representation in proceeding before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Participation in the registration and admission procedures before the Stock Exchange and the National Depository for Securities

Conducting training with respect to so-called informative obligations of Issuers

Representation in proceeding before registry court