During the last years we have executed, among others, the following projects:


  • We have advised at the acquisition of Polskie Koleje Linowe S.A. by Polskie Koleje Górskie S.A. with participation of the Communes of the Tatra County
  • We supported the restructuring of indebtedness of Vistula S.A.We have prepared and implemented the concept of comprehensive legal restructuring of the capital group ZPUE Włoszczowa which was finalized by the sale of significant part of the shares
  • We have worked on the establishment of the Fundacja Edukacyjna of Jerzy Juzoń
  • We have prepared the tax planning model for Kolporter
  • We have prepared the legal model of obtaining monies for securitization fund which was applied in the funds: Raport 2 NS FIZ, Raport 3 NS FIZ, Raport 4 NS FIZ
  • We have drawn up the legal parts of the prospectuses for number of companies and we have provided comprehensive legal support of transaction of first public offerings (IPO)
  • We have worked at the equity acquisitions of Elektrobudowa S.A.
  • We have worked at the privatization of MPEC Wrocław S.A. and PEC Jastrzębie S.A.
  • We have provided legal services of the sale of commercial developer projects for Buma S.A. and we have implemented the project of capital restructuring of Buma S.A.
  • We have conducted number of mergers, divisions and transformations of companies, and we have advised at the transactions which led to the establishment of Polskie Huty Stali S.A. and Południowy Koncern Energetyczny S.A. and also we have advised at the transactions of mergers of public companies
  • We have provided legal support for number of cross-border mergers
  • We have established for our Clients tens of partnerships and companies in foreign jurisdictions such as Luxembourg and Cyprus
  • We have worked at the establishment of several investment funds with participation of the National Capital Fund
  • We have worked on venture capital and private placement transactions for Enterprise Investors group
  • We have worked on MBO and LBO transactions with cooperation of mezzanine funds